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  • Piano tuning for private residents, churches, schools and music educational facilities, recording studios, concert halls, restaurants & hotels: $175 plus sales tax
  • Pitch raise: $60-$120
  • Troubleshooting (I can fix any piano problem): free with tuning
  • Soundboard repair (experienced in stopping soundboard noises without taking the piano apart): call for price
  • Piano rebuilding (making old like new): call for price
  • Piano refinishing (makes new finish): call for price
  • Old finish restoration, old finish cleaning and touch up (old piano finish will look newer and much better): call for price
  • Piano reconditioning (cleaning, repairing and adjusting for maximum performance with replacement parts where specifically indicated): call for price
  • Voicing (more pleasing sound): call for price
  • Hammers replacement: call for price
  • Action regulation (consistent repetition adjustment): call for price
  • Action Improvement (playability): call for price
  • Keytops replacement (make keys look like a new piano): from $400 per set, ivory repair or replacement- call for price
  • String replacement, bass strings sound improvement: call for price
  • Repair of sticky or sluggish keys: call for price
  • Repair of pedals, benches, piano legs, and other parts: call for price
  • Cleaning (strings, sound board, action, hardware, cabinet): call for price
  • Caster (wheel) replacement: call for price
  • Hammers and action parts replacement: call for price
  • Piano life saver system installed: from $450
  • Piano appraisals: from $75
  • Consulting, Evaluations, Estimates: from $75
  • Assistance in finding, buying and selling used grand and upright pianos: free over the phone
  • Gift certificates

    Sales tax not included

    All other prices depend on the type of work. Contact us for details.

    In addition, because I have observed multiple people making mistakes when getting used pianos (eg buying pianos with problems that aren't readily apparent but can result in costly repairs), in the 'Tips' section I made instructions that should help you outline what you should look for when evaluating a used piano. If you are considering buying a used piano, I hope this can show you how to do a thorough evaluation of the piano.